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Argan Oil Pro Care – 4 items


Argan Oil Pro Care of Frescia is an exclusive range of Hair & Body Care of Argan Oil.

Coconut soap dish with Artisanal Soaps

This Gift set comes with 3 handcrafted soaps and a Coconut shell soap dish.



Daily Self-care, inspired by the Abhyanga routine prescribed in the Ayurveda Dinacharya for head-to-toe self-care for the entire family .

Family Pack – Four Bamboo Toothbrushes and Two Packs of Cotton Bamboo Earbuds


Over 200 CRORES (2,00,00,00,000+) toothbrushes are thrown away every year in India alone, that’s 2 CRORE Kgs of waste added to landfills annually.

Over 99% of toothbrushes the world uses are plastic and more than five trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating in the ocean. That’s like every person on earth right now throwing 833 pieces of plastic into the ocean each, sounds ridiculous right? This is a combined mass of over 250,000 tonnes.

Your toothbrush and earbuds are great ways to start making the transition away from plastic! It may well be your first BABY STEP in the right direction that has a HUGE impact. It requires no change in your routine and is already something you use daily. So why not think about the greater good? Why not make the switch today? Every day and every person counts!

Let us all join hands and take #babystepsforabettertomorrow

Father’s Special: Active Men’s Collection – Parama Naturals


For active dads who run, walk, gym, do yoga or just pursue an active lifestyle!



Daily skin-care essentials range in easy-to-carry miniature bottles. Try them yourself or gift your loved ones a range of effective, 100% natural.

Mom & Baby Special – Pregnancy to Post-partum – Parama Naturals


Cold-pressed oils of sesame, coconut and almond and turmeric extract (all food-grade ingredients)

Parama Naturals Age-Defying Skincare


Daily skin-care essentials range in easy-to-carry travel bottles. A must-have range of products convenient to use even when you're on the go.

Parama Naturals Complete Family Collection


Daily skin and hair-care essentials range. Try them yourself or gift your loved ones a range of effective, 100% natural, highly potent products.

Rejuvenating Regime – 5 items


Rejuvenating Regime of Frescia is a complete restore formula of Face & Body Care. The addition of Kaolin Clay Mask is nothing but the cherry on top